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The REAL-WORLD EXAMPLES and ACTIONABLE IDEAS will empower you to find your soulmate.  Every time you read this book, you'll feel even MORE prepared to put yourself into the dating pool to find your forever partner!
If You Are Achieving Success At Work, Yet Are Disappointed With Your Social Life, This Book Will Help You Get Your Love Life Back On Track.
Do you feel like your demanding career is getting in the way of finding your one-and-only?

Are you ready for a long-term relationship, but long hours at work make it hard to date?

As a successful woman, is it hard for you to meet suitable, relationship-minded men?

Do you want to get married, but get frustrated by going on lots of first-dates that lead nowhere?

Inside of this book you are going to learn the ins-and-outs of relationships from set-ups to break-ups.  You will learn how to prepare yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally to meet your dream guy.  You will learn about good places and ways to meet compatible men who are looking for long-term relationships.  You will learn how to avoid ‘dating games’ and how to know if your relationship is heading in the right direction.

The top three most important things that you will learn:

    •  Where to meet professional men who appreciate career-driven women
    •  How to navigate the world of online dating like a pro
    •  How to know if your guy is the real deal or just wasting your precious time
Not only will you be able to find Mr. Right… But You Will Do It While Balancing Your Busy Career!
As a professional women, you know that you are facing an uphill battle when it comes to finding a great guy.  Because of your demanding job, you have limited time, and because of your smarts, your dating pool is limited.

This book breaks down how to most efficiently and effectively hone in on men that are eager to be in relationships with intelligent, driven women.  You don’t have time to waste.  Read this how-to manual to save yourself a tremendous amount of time and energy.
meet the woman behind the book
Annie Easter,
a.k.a. The Dating MD
Dr. Annie is a family medicine physician and relationship guru.  She is a sought-after expert in the field of helping others to find true love.

Dr. Easter knows what it takes for a professional woman to find her soulmate.  She learned the hard way.  After nine years of effort and approximately 900 first-dates - she found love, married her dream guy, and started a family.  She did all this all while managing her busy life as a medical student, resident, and family doc.  

With her no-nonsense advice, you can balance your dating and professional lives and find a compatible, long-term partner!  Learn from her experiences to save yourself a huge amount of time and energy.
What Other People Have To Say After Reading Practical Relationship Advice For Professional Women:
What People Are Saying About This Incredible Book On...
Practical and clear advice for the young professional
Review By Jane S.
Many dating manuals rely on gamesmanship and tired, outdated tropes...Not so with Dr. Easter's advice, which reads more like a manual for respecting yourself, your time, and, hopefully, your prospective partner's.
I highly suggest this book...
Review By Isabella
I really enjoyed reading this book. The author did an excellent job of writing. Many thanks to the author.

This book has really helped me to turn my love life around.
Now I know how to date with purposeAs a busy lawyer, I don't have time to play dating games. Dr. Annie explains how to maximize your time to find the man of your dreams

Maria Lopez

I was skeptical to read another dating guide, but this one was quite different. It wasn't about playing games. It was about being myself and meeting men that are right for me. I gained a lot of confidence from reading the book and recently I started dating someone with whom I can see a real future. I'm very grateful to Dr. Annie for sharing her insights. They helped me tremendously.

Lisa Johnson

I thought that this book was some sort of sales gimmick, but it actually helped me to find my fiance! I took the advice to heart and before I knew it, I met my soon-to-be husband. I can't thank Dr. Annie enough. You should really read her book and follow her expert advice.

Susan Williams
What's inside the book •
Sample Pages •
You will learn about the psychology of dating, appropriate first-date etiquette, common red flag behaviors in men that must not go ignored, courteous ways to break-up, and essential conversation topics to discuss before getting engaged.
The top three most important things that you will learn:
  • Where to meet professional men who appreciate career-driven women
  • How to navigate the world of online dating like a pro
  • How to know if your guy is the real deal or just wasting your precious time
Page 10. Something you MUST do before starting to look for Mr. Right.
Page 88. A CHEAT-SHEET for drafting your online dating profile.
Page 25. An incredibly useful SECRET to increase how QUICKLY you can find your soulmate.
Page 188. The #1 way to know if you found TRUE LOVE.
Are you ready to turn your love life around?  Is it time for you to meet the man of your dreams?  If so, you must read Practical Relationship Advice for Professional Women.  Change your life today.  Click the button below right now to get your FREE copy!
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